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Dr Isiah Meggett
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Date of Birth: 
January 14 1949
Date of Death: 
September 5 1994

Dr Isaiah M Meggett
Phone Number: 835-3321
Address: PO Box 898, Buffalo, NY, 14231-0898
[PO Box 1655, Buffalo, NY, 14220-8655]
[163 Wellingwood Dr, East Amherst, NY, 14051-1746 (1993)]
[30 Suffolk St, Buffalo, NY, 14215-3310]

Name: Isaiah Meggett
Spouse: Joyce Dylene Wiltshire
County of Marriage: Polk
Marriage Date: Jan 1969
Volume: 2729
Certificate: 3489
Source: Florida Department of Healt

Place of Birth: 
Edistol Island, South Carolina, United States
Place of Death: 
Buffalo, New York, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
Buffalo, New York, United States

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Meggett, Isaiah (Dr.) (DOD 9/5/1994); Section 28V, Lot 129
Dr. Isaiah Meggett was a physician who practiced family medicine in area hospitals and was involved in initiating and supporting community based health care programs. He was born in Edistol Island, SC and was educated later in New Jersey. He helped found and develop the Geneva B. Scruggs Community Health Center; was the Medical Director and consultant for People, Inc.; and was on the staff at Sheehan Memorial Hospital, Buffalo General Hospital and Children’s Hospital. He was Chief Resident of Family Medicine at Deaconess Hospital. Dr. Meggett was only 45 years old at the time of his death.

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