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Gail (GiGi) McGinley
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Date of Birth: 
September 30 1941
Date of Death: 
April 1 2015

One of the best things that happened to our family was when Gail became a McGinely!
We were so lucky she married Jimmy and together they brought into this world five beautiful children. She was the best daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law and most of all the BEST GiGi to all of her beautiful grandchildren.
In addition to being all that she was also a great friend and there was nothing Gail wouldn't do for anyone! She was always there to help.
She was also a beautiful hostess ~ anyone could show up at her house totally unannounced and she would whip up a full course dinner from soup to nuts in a heart beat, because she loved to entertain and she always opened her heart & home to everyone!
Gail & Jim's Christmas Eve party have been a tradition in our family for 50 years ~ starting with their first little apartment & then moving to Fairfax Road & finally ending on Wickerton Drive & each year it kept growing & growing because anyone & everyone was welcome!
So this last year when she ended up in the hospital, a few days before Christmas, she was determined that she was not going to miss Holly Noel Day or her Christmas Eve party, so she told her doctors that she was going home and she did! It turned out to be one of our best Christmas Eves ever - all because Gail was with us.
These last few years she never complained and accepted her struggles with dignity & grace. She also showed us all that no matter what cross the good Lord gives us to bear, we should accept it ~ not complain & count our blessings for all the good things we DO have in our lives.
I know today all our hearts are breaking & and we can't imagine this world without Gail but we can keep her spirit alive by living our lives the way she did and knowing that she will live forever in our hearts.
So today we celebrate Gail and all the goodness she has left with us and now when we face a challenger, in life, we should stop for a moment and think - "what would Gail do?" Because Gail always knew the right thing to do!

Frankie & I loved Gail dearly and we know she is now in heaven drinking a cup of tea with her Mother Edith, her Father Harry, her brother Buddy, her sister Carol and all her other friends & family as she is looking down on us all saying "take care of Jimbo and thanks for the memories!"
We love you Gail, may you rest in peace, knowing you were loved dearly and you touched so many people's lives!

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Pennsylvania, United States
Place of Death: 
West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

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