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Genaro Campos
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Date of Birth: 
January 21 1939
Date of Death: 
June 10 2015

__They say you can forget a face, a phrase, a specific memory, a name ... but love remains forever. The titles go, time flies, wrinkled skin , the hair whitens , everything material vanishes yet; the soul remains and transcends__

Genaro Campos was born in San Jose on January 21, 1939. He was the youngest of six brothers. Now in this days, Only 3 remains: Santos, Ignacio y Aida. His parents were Bean Campos y Elizabeth Samaloth.
He was on Isabela Puerto Rico from a young age until his 15 years of age, Then his Parents decided to move to the big city of San Juan. Since his 15 he decided to work and do Boxing
From his first marriage Elias and Nehemias born. Then he married Hercilia Liciaga, also known as Juny, which Daniel his last Son, born,

Genaro got four grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. which were his daily joy

. In the ‘80 He survived a accident in a Cargo elevator. A 25 feet fall, in which he was in a critical state for more than a month Yet his will of life always beat the circumstances.

Genaro, Aside from his physical strength and will, he was a humble human being. Always caring, always funny, compassionate, charismatic, cheerful, positive, willing and very loving, Not only with his family, but with all his friends. neighbor and brothers

If i can resume his life in short words i would say that Genaro was a good and generous affable, with a great humor. a problem solver. a good listeener. willing to help anyone at any time. a man for the people. Someone that knows how to make an impact

we will never forget his whistle and his hugs and his will to help with nothing in exchange

Till next time my good Friend, Till next time Dad. My good Teacher

Hasta pronto :Náo", "Báo", "Gena", "Blackie", "Abuelo Chuco", "Chaco"…
¡Hasta luego, querido Genaro!

Place of Birth: 
San Jose, Costa Rica
Place of Death: 
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Primary State of Residence: 
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

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