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Juan Francisco Chaves González
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Date of Birth: 
June 23 1899
Date of Death: 
June 17 1977

Juan Francisco Chaves was born on June 23, 1899 in Isabela, Puerto Rico. His paternal grandfather Gonzalo García-Chaves y Lopez was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Gonzalo moved his family to Puerto Rico sometime in the mid 1800s. Juan Francisco's paternal Grandmother Maria Higinia (Juana) Reverón Mena was born in Caracas Venezuela. Gonzalo and Maria met sometime during the mid 1800s in Isabela, Puerto Rico and married.

Juan Francisco's father, Juan Francisco García-Chaves Reverón was born in Isabela, Puerto Rico in 1865. He and his wife Andrea González had twelve children: Agripino (Pin), Gonzalo (Chalo), Guillermo (Guillén), Juan Francisco (Frasco), Mercedes, Laura, Isolina, Eudilia (Yiya), Rafaela (Fela) and Francisco (Paco), Maria Higinia (Giña) and Abelarda (Lala).

He married Cándida De La Cruz in 1934. They had six children through their marriage: Carlos, Laura, Reynaldo, Andrea, Ada and María. Cándida helped him raise 5 additional children from his previous marriage.

Juan Francisco loved to watch wrestling and boxing on TV. He was the best seeker of 'guinea' eggs. His family and others would call him to get them eggs. He would sit and wait for a long time for the guinea to leave and he would grab the eggs and run. He was not afraid of any animals. If a bull chased him, he was faster than the bull and escaped. He was a great swimmer and an active person. He loved helping others. One time he saw a woman being beat up. He helped her and brought her to his home so she could be safe. Another time a truck flipped over in front of his home and he kept his merchandise at his home until it could be picked up the next day.

He owned a farm in Isabela. Batata, peanuts, cotton, watermelon, corn among other items where harvested there among others. He rented part of his land for sugar cane. He planted many types of trees: coconut, avocado, cherries, oranges, guava, lemon, mango, guanabana, mamey, panapén, grapefruit and many more. The town often said his dances, particularly Christmas dances were the best.

He loved to ride in his car and go with his family to different places in Puerto Rico. "Voy para Yauco." or "I'm going to Yauco" was his favorite phrase, regardless of what town he was going to take them that day. He was an avid wedding crasher, often taking his kids to weddings and pretending he knew the bride and groom. He was always welcome.

His was the best father and husband, a sweet man who cared for his family his whole life. They still miss him very much after all these years.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico
Place of Death: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico
Primary State of Residence: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico

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