Mrs. Dorothea A. Graham

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Mrs. Dorothea A. Graham
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Date of Birth: 
July 20 1919
Date of Death: 
October 9 2005

Mom was born in her mother and father's house at 83 Sycamore St. in New Bedford,MA. on July 19,1919.
And I remember mama:
The times she washed clothes in the basement with a wringer washer and ,sometimes with my help, hung them on the line outside in all
The times she made fudge;chocolate,penuche and peanut butter,beating it just right so it wouldn't turn to sugar.
The times we read together outloud with her reading one page and me the next. I still enjoy reading today because of this.
The times we would go different places,like our neighbor's house;trips to Mattapoisett Beach and Fort Phoenix;trips downtown;and,in later life,trips to Canada,World's Fairs,Bermuda,and other places.
Her smile that everyone loved.
How she never owned a car or drove;how she never went to college,but read everything she could get her hands on;how she loved cats and gave me my lifetime passion.

One time when were on a guided tour and we all got up one by one to intruduce ourselves,I was first and when she got up she simply said "I am her mother". And that was true. That was who she was and what she did. Till the end. In my heart and often in my dreams at night,she still is.

Place of Birth: 
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Place of Death: 
Orlando, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

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