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My Grandfather
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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
March 10 1970

Joseph Agustus Samms was affectionally referred to as Poppa by his grandchildren. He was from the Samms clan in the Byberry District, St. Elizabeth. He was the father of Hugh, Nancy, Loretta, Enid and Neville.

My memory of my Grandpa was very exciting! Papa was a gentle man to his grandchildren. He was very patient with us as little ones.
I grew up with him as the only male figure, as I did not grow up with my natural father. Papa taught me how to plant various crops. I remember vividly getting up early in the morning before the Jamaican sun would be too unbearable to do anything! At the time, I did not realize the importance of rising so early in the morning. Of course now, it is so clear!

Poppa died in March of 1970, at the age of 89. His funeral was done in the family yard with the burial on our property. He was the first person in the immediate family to pass away. His death, even though sad, was lessened by his wife's love of God, and the fact that he had stopped suffering. I remember several people from our district of Brucefield coming out to support the family at this emotional time. All of his children,grandchildren, and great grand children were in attendance.

Joseph's legacy continues to live on in his daughter Loretta, still alive in Jamaica, his grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.
Pappa was the gentle giant that cared much for his family.

Poppa told us of his work experience in the island of Cuba, where he and several of his friends went to work on the railroad system in Cuba.
When they returned to their homeland, of course they enjoyed toying with each other in Spanish, which I am sure included some curse words. Of course we the youngsters, would never hear the actual interpretation.

Papa taught me how to read the clock, tie my shoe laces, ride a bicycle, make a broom, hunt for land crabs, playing dominoes and checkers,tending for the animals and just being a kid.

Place of Birth: 
Pondside, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Place of Death: 
Brucefield District, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Primary State of Residence: 
Brucefield District, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

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