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Reynaldo Chaves De La Cruz
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Date of Birth: 
July 3 1935
Date of Death: 
February 12 2013

Reynaldo Chaves was born on July 3, 1935. His parents were Juan Francisco Chaves and Cándida De La Cruz. He had five brothers and sisters: Carlos, Laura, Andrea, Ada and María.

When he was a teen during the Korean War he was stationed in Korea and Japan. He was not a part of any battle, but he had lots of stories to tell about his stay there.

He loved to travel all through Puerto Rico. He loved to tell stories from his youth and make everyone laugh. He loved basketball and went to many games of the Gallitos of Isabela team. He traveled with his sister María and her kids Jose and Cristina throughout Puerto Rico following the team, even making friends with the players who would sneak them into the games for free.

He was a heavy smoker for many years, smoking several packs a day. In his sixties, after a health-scare, he decided to quit smoking and he did. He and his brother Carlos did a competition of who could stop smoking the longest, and this helped them both quit. A fact that makes their family proud to this day.

We miss Tío Rey and traveling with him through the entire island of Puerto Rico and listening to his stories and funny songs he would improvise. His favorite phrase was "Yo soy como el indio: donde veo humo ataco." "I am like the indian, wherever I see smoke, I attack." Meaning wherever he saw smoke/food he would go there to eat.

He loved coffee. When his sister María drove him to places like the mountainous regions of Puerto Rico he insisted he had to have his coffee. María could not find a coffee place anywhere. Finally they saw a place that said: CAFE. So she parked and he went in to buy a cup. He took several minutes and would not come out. Finally he appeared and he came out laughing: he asked for coffee and he waited for the store lady to take care of a long line of customers. When she finally approached him, she asked what brand do you want. She sold him a bag of coffee. They didn't sell coffee ready to drink.

He was a kind, caring man who helped anyone who needed it. His family misses him very much.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico
Place of Death: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico
Primary State of Residence: 
Isabela, Puerto Rico

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