about the project

Created by the Orange County Library System (OCLS), Electronically Preserving Obituaries as Cultural Heritage (EPOCH) is a website that allows anyone to create and publish a free obituary online. Family and friends of the deceased may submit a detailed obituary, so that our meaningful memories of them live on. These remembrances are crucial to preserve our personal, familial and community histories.

Publishing a tribute with EPOCH is done by simply creating an account using a valid e-mail address. Every tribute can include an unlimited amount of text content and up to 15 items of media, including photo, video, and audio files. A tribute may be created by anyone for anyone who has passed away, regardless of their location of residence or when the death occurred. Each person remembered will then have their own online tribute page which can be easily shared by email or social media.

If you are unsure what should be included on your tribute, please download this PDF to guide you with writing your tribute.

EPOCH was originally created with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Tributes have been added from OCLS and many people in Central Florida.

Everyone deserves to be remembered…please consider using EPOCH to help remember your loved ones and share their legacy!