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Betty Jane Kepler Hurd Cramer
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Date of Birth: 
April 15 1921
Date of Death: 
November 28 2014

Betty Jane Kepler Hurd Cramer; sister, aunt, Mrs. Hurd, Mom Hurd, Mrs. Cramer, coach. ladybug, grandma, mommy's mommy, mom or friend: by whatever name you may have called her, she was a dynamic force of nature! This Ohio transplant made Orlando her home in 1950 with her husband, Bill Hurd, and three daughters. She was active in her community through the PTA, garden club and multiple swim activities. Never one to do anything part way, she served the PTA District Council, became a nationally accredited flower show judge and owned her own swim club.

Widowed in 1963 she ran a business and raised two daughters--the firstborn had already completed college and was teaching in Atlanta. During these years she returned to school, earned an associate degree in accounting, and traveled the world. An older brother who worked for the state department encouraged and enabled these adventures and she frequently traveled with her sister-in-law, Elma, and, later, her second husband Earl Cramer. As a child she made a model of the Taj Mahal; as an adult she visited it and marveled at the exotic sights she saw first hand. She once brought home a tempora fried preying mantis to show off a sample of the foodstuffs! One can only imagine what today's TSA agents would make of that!

She was a skilled seamstress who kept three daughters and herself stylishly dressed, windows tastefully curtained and costumes supplied for all occasions; an accomplished dancer who performed across the nation and in many venues including her personal favorite, Disney World; an appreciative audience lending enthusiastic applause to events of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Those pixie bright blue eyes saw the Great Depression, World War II, conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. They witnessed the sleepy citrus town of Orlando transform into a tourist destination through Disney World, Universal Studios and all the rest of that massive tourist development. She enjoyed global adventures with family and the Friendship Force. Her Sunday school class was called the Spirited Singles and she certainly was!

Betty lived a long and full life; April 15, 1921 - November 28, 2014. She impacted so many people in such a positive way. She met health and personal issues with grace. As an engaging person who certainly "bloomed wherever she was planted" she is remembered and loved by so many.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Richmond, Indiana, United States
Place of Death: 
Orlando, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
Orlando, Florida, United States

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