Daniel (Danny) Gomez

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Daniel (Danny) Gomez
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Danny Gomez
Date of Birth: 
January 1 1948
Date of Death: 
November 14 2021

Daniel Gomez, 73, sadly passed on Sunday, November 14, after a short illness. He was a buyer for Praxair Distribution before retirement.
He was predeceased by his beloved mother, Adelia (Cuchie) Davila, stepfather Cesar (Macho) Davila, and father Manuel Gomez. He is survived by his wife Kristina, daughter Heather, stepdaughters Vanessa and Tiffany, grandchildren Karli Jade, Kameron, Ava, Chloe, and Isla, his sister Denise, and brother Bobby.
He was an avid NASCAR fan and frequent visitor to the WDW parks wearing his favorite character’s attire: Grumpy.
He will forever be missed and loved. His final resting place will be at the Key West Cemetery with his mother and stepfather.
As his youngest granddaughter said “Grandpa is up in heaven driving a race car.”

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Tampa, Florida, United States
Place of Death: 
New Port Richey, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
New Port Richey, Florida, United States

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Danny was a kind and loving person. He always stayed in touch with the family , visited or called whenever he could. I am sure Cuchie and Macho welcome him with love and kisses. We will miss you! LOVE TIO BOBBY!!

I loved my Brother so much! I’m so happy that I was able to speak with him before his death and tell him that I loved him! Our last words I will always remember! God lead me to call that very last time, because he knew he was taking you home and what would transpire! There is a lot of evil in this world, but they have to live with that and not you anymore! You were
always the apple of my eye growing up and I followed you around with such admiration. You always put a smile on my face!
Rest in peace my Brother. Until I see you again!

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