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Marilyn Virginia Adams
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Date of Birth: 
April 28 1929
Date of Death: 
December 14 2014

Having known Marilyn for only 10 years,I wasn't there when she grew up in Cordele,GA or when she married James Adams. She had 4 children:Linda,Dennis,Ellis and Tracey. One of the most exciting things she did in her life was spend some time in Haiti with her church.I am just sorry that I didn't get to hear more about the time she spent there helping the poor people of that poverty stricken land.

I met Marilyn in Nov.of 2004. She was walking her poodle,Miles,in the complex I had just moved into. She seemed frail in body but strong in spirit. I would bring my mother,who was older and in a wheelchair at the time,over to see "the pretty lady".

When my mother passed away in Oct.2005,Marilyn moved from the complex. But I kept in touch by phone and in person. She had numerous stays in hospitals and facilities but ended up at her daughter Linda's house,where she was surrounded by dogs and cats which she loved. I would visit her as often as I could. A typical visit would go like this; As I walked into her room,she'd say, "Why,hello,baby. Come on in and sit down. Get yourself a coke. Would you like some crackers,sweetie?" Then I'd tell her about some things going on in my life and she'd tell me how she was doing. Sometimes we would watch TV together(she liked Meredith Vieira and Dr.Phil,among others). What I can still hear is her saying "Uh-Uh" and laughing and enjoying my visit,as she didn't get out much. We would listen to each other,whether in person or on the phone and I hope that what I meant to her was half as much as she meant to me. She accepted me for who I was and even though she didn't always agree with me, let me be there for her too.

I will never forget her and was glad she was a part of mine and my mother's life.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Cordele, Georgia, United States
Place of Death: 
Orlando, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
Orlando, Florida, United States

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I Love this Sarah, you are so thoughtful to do this and remember Mom, she would be so happy to know that you remembered her Birthday like this, it makes me happy to see this, I Love You, Linda

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