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Mr. Douglas Graham
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Date of Birth: 
June 24 1918
Date of Death: 
February 11 1998

Brother of Alice, John, Frances and Alma

Dad grew up in the South End of New Bedford,MA. He spent all of his life living in the city and on Sept.2,1950, married Dorothea Allen and had one child, Sarah.
Although my mom and dad were separated when I was just a child, he spent time with me when he could. I remember him being there for me when I was 5 and had been kicked in the shin by a little boy during recess at school and when he found out what happened, he went angrily into the principal's office to complain. He was there for me other important times,too and loved me very much.
He had numerous jobs in his life and the one I remember the most was when he worked at the BPM grocery store in downtown New Bedford in the early 60's. He used to let me go on numerous runs with him as he delivered groceries to people's homes in a pickup truck. One night we were out as late as 10 pm on a Sat. I got to spend quality time with him sitting there next to him as he drove.
As I got older and sometime lived in other states,I saw less and less of him but do remember back in the 80's taking him to see Wayne Newton and going on a few days trips. More quality time with my dad.
Since moving to Orlando,FL in 1988, my "visits" were mostly all phones on Sat.nights. His voice and all the changes and challenges that old age brought him.
I can't believe that it has been 17 years that he has been gone. He lives in my heart but there are many times I would love to hear his voice,see his face, hold his hand and hug him one more time.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Place of Death: 
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

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