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Suzanne "Suzy" Angele Reno
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Date of Birth: 
August 10 1932
Date of Death: 
June 11 2015

All Souls Catholic Church parishioner, Suzanne Angele Reno of Sanford Florida passed away peacefully in her sleep on 11 June 2015.

Born in Paris, France on 10 August 1932, Suzy is preceded in death by her parents, Gabby Mazaud (Leon Henri Huart), son Philip F. Reno and her husband of 53 years, Andrew Francis Reno. She is survived by her son Patrick Reno (Michelle) and their two children, Samantha and Nicholas and elder son Michael Reno (Nancy), Michael’s two children by previous marriage, Christopher and Stephanie, and two children by previous marriage Courtney Shank (Brett), their two sons Taylor and Brady, and daughter Suzanne, and Melisa Price (Jeff) and their two children Gretchen and Nathaniel Price.

Suzy was born in Paris and grew up during the German occupation of France. We are sure that this experience framed her personality as a tough, driven, loving and compassionate woman. After the war and college, Suzy decided to see the world. While in Morocco, as a fashion model, she met and was enamored by Andy. She repeated often that his smile won her over immediately. They married in Paris, France, in 1955 while Dad was on a naval tour of the Mediterranean, and they came to the United States in 1957.

Even though a French girl, mom loved this country and what it stood for. She volunteered her time as often as possible for Navy Relief, Red Cross, Navy Thrift Store, and many youth activities. All her life her children were her main focus. She nurtured and supported their every need including sports which ranged from bowling, football, baseball, swimming, golf, rugby, soccer, and more. Suzy and Andy moved with the Navy in the late 60’s but maintained their current come in Sanford. After Andy’s Navy retirement they relocated once again back to their home in Sanford in 1977.

Suzy continued her involvement with not only her children’s activities but the local communities as well. She became a role model and mentor and was very involved with the Seminole High School Boosters and Central Florida Youth Soccer Association. Her passion became youth soccer. She was a driving force in the implementation and growth of youth soccer in Central Florida. She was so highly regarded in the deep involvement and expansion of youth soccer that Suzy was recognized and inducted into the FYSA Hall Fame in 2002.

All throughout her life Suzy gave of herself and her time unselfishly. We will dearly miss mom with her French accent, strong opinions yet good will, and endearing ways.

A grave-side service was held June 19, 2015 at All Souls Catholic Church Cemetery.

Media data: 
Place of Birth: 
Paris, France
Place of Death: 
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
Sanford, Florida, United States

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I decided today 2/9/2016 since Region Cup is starting that I would look up Suzie on the computer to check on her. To my devastation I had found that Suzie was deceased. I was out of the country when Suzie had died. My wife and I am sorry that she is gone. She will always be remembered in our hearts. She was the best of people. She cared deeply for soccer and the people involved. I always felt special when I would see her. She would take the time to talk even when she was so busy. I will miss her.

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