Helen C Berdechowski (Wyskiel)

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Helen C Berdechowski (Wyskiel)
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Date of Birth: 
December 26 1927
Date of Death: 
January 22 2016

Helen C. Berdechowski, born December 26, 1927 passed away quickly and suddenly on January 22, 2016. The death certificate states Motor Vehicle Accident, complications to ruptured pelvis, but her death remains a secret to all who knew her and what happened before her death is also being held secredt. Daughter, Cathyrn W. Brett and son in law Kenneth A. Klein Jr. "handled" the remains which they hid from Mrs. Berdechowski's daughter Sandra for over two months. Sandra discovered the death after suspicions were aroused by forged greeting cards signed by Cathryn indicating her mother was living began showing up at Mr. Berdechowski's nursing home. Mr. Glogowski, Sandra's spouse held the living will but Oakhill Hospital refuses to release any information citing that daughter Cathryn Brett gave specific instructions that Sandra be told nothing.......the cause of death is now under investigation. Due to the hospital claiming ridiculous statements that they possess a letter from Helen indicating only her next of kin be notified Cathryn and Kenneth (and Kenneth is not next of kin) and given that a "letter" would not replace a valid Living Will, foul play is suspected. Although Mrs. Berdechowski wrote her own obituary years ago, it was never published by daughter Cathryn nor was a church mass ever said. Mrs. Berdechowski left behind her husband, Joseph, two children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She began as a secretary in Blackstone Mills and worked her way up the ranks at Amoskeag National Bank and Trust Company obtaining a degree in banking from Northwestern University and ending her career as Vice President of Amoskeag's Trust Division. She is interred at the Polish National Catholic Cemetary under her parents plot.......Wyskiel, who predeceased her. She is also pre deceased by her sister Stephany. To date, no dod has been inscribed on the monument. The Glogowski family extends their apologies to all who knew Helen that may have wanted to pay last respects but they remained in the dark regarding her death as well. Lambert Funeral Home also would not release any information citing a "letter" ......as forged greeting cards appeared for 2 solid months and the the nursing home of Joseph W Berdechowski perpetuated the fraud, one only can surmise as to if the Letter that Lambert Funeral Home had was real or forged as the refused to produce the letter. At this time it is assumed that no one will ever really know what happened to Helen as her daughter Cathryn will not reveal the circumstances and the hospital and hospice are hiding behind Hippa. Mr. Berdechowski was to receive part of Helen's pension if she predeceased him, but has not.............his address was illegally changed by Cathryn and Kenneth A Klein Jr. and they have been receiving 592.00 a month since her death January 22, 2016 - the Glogowski family request that if anyone from Amoskeag knows who was issuing the pension checks, that they please contact them. Neither Ms. Brett or Mr. Klein have ever had POA or guardianship of Joseph and have no rights to be cashing these checks or even to be putting them "in a fund" as they claim.......the checks should have been going to the nursing home. Sandra Ann Berdechowski-Glogowski and her husband Michael who is the personal representative of Joseph W. Berdechowski's last will and testament request that any one with information contact them. They reside in Largo , Fl.

Place of Birth: 
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
Place of Death: 
Brooksville, Florida, United States
Primary State of Residence: 
Spring Hill, Florida, United States

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Cause of death states Motor Vehicle Accident - what actually occurred during the 10 days prior to Mrs. Berdechowski's death is being withheld.

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